Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with children that are not diagnosed nuerodiverse?

Absolutely. I am happy to work with any family/child who is struggling.

Are you a certified counselor?

I have 25 years of extensive experience working with parents and children. I am not a licensed counselor, however I have two degrees in special education. I am also a mother of two children that are neurodivergent.

Do you accept insurance?

No.  Because I am not a licensed counselor, I can not accept insurance.

Will you participate in a school meeting for my child?

I would be happy to support the family and the school staff by attending, or helping prepare to attend, a meeting.  I would definitely need time to work with the family/child before I would attend a school meeting.   It is important to truly know the child and the family in order to feel comfortable being a part of an educational meeting.

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