As a Parent, are you feeling…

  • Overwhelmed and Inadequate?

  • Worried and Lost?

  • Emotionally Drained and Frustrated?

  • Isolated and Embarrassed?

  • Chaotic and Aggravated?

I am here to be a part of your village and help!

The struggle is real !

Do you suspect or has your child recently received a new neurodivergent diagnosis? When parenting neurodivergent children, such as those with ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory and Autism, their behaviors can be very hard to understand. Collaboratively, we can…
  • Understand how your child is wired.
  • Find realistic ways to make daily life manageable.
  • Empower your child to celebrate who they are and thrive.
  • Develop positive parenting strategies, tools, and routines.
  • Find the resources necessary to meet your child’s needs.

Our children see, hear, and react to the world in different ways.  My goal is to help you understand your child’s behavior and create positive changes that will fit for your family.

Why Beautifully Wired?
As an educator for many years, I found myself working with parents to help them understand that children are all wired differently. When we educate ourselves, talk to others, and try new strategies, we learn to see our children for who they are and focus on their strengths. I am here to help! I have seen so many parents setting expectations for their child that do not align with how their child is wired. The end result is rarely what the parents, or the child, wants and everyone is frustrated. I am here to support you through this process.

It’s my mission to help you navigate parenting your neurodiverse child.

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